Vinsic Quick Charge 3.0 20000mah Power Bank QC Type C with 3.4A USB Charger for iPhone iPad Xiaomi Mi5 Nexus 5X 6P Huawei

Vinsic Quick Charge 3 0 20000mah Power Bank QC 3 0 Type C With 3 4A
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Item Specifics

TypeEmergency / Portable
Quality CertificationFCC,CE,PSE,ETL,UL,RoHS,PCT,TUV
Output InterfaceType C,Double USB
Battery TypeLi-polymer Battery
Support Quick Charge TechnologyTwo-way Quick Charge
Brand NameVinsic
Battery Capacity(mAh)15001-20000mAh
Is LED Lamp IlluminationNo
Input InterfaceUSB Type C,Micro USB
Supports Solar EnergyNo

Product Description

Important:no power bank can deliver 100% its power to other device because during charging
there has power loss in pcb parts,cables,and heating and the higher current it output,the more
power loss it suffer
This Vinsic power bank final avaiable power about 8000mah to 13000mah between 9V/2A and 5V/1A
Final correct specification as below
Battery:top grade battery from Korea or Japan,recyle time more than 600 times
Micro usb input:Normal 5V/2A(max) or Quick charge 3.0/2.0: 3.6-6.5V/3A,6.5-9V/2A,12V/1.5A
Type c input:5V/3A(max)
Notice:only when charger and cable u use to charge this power bank accept above current,can this power bank be charged with
above current
Self charge time:ahout 11 hours with 5V/2A or about 7 hours with Quick charge 3.0/2.0
Output:1 Type C port+2 usb port
Type c output:5V/3A(max),with Voltiq
Standard usb port:5V/2.4A/(max),with Voltiq
Quick charge 3.0 port:3.6V-6.5V/3A,6.5V-9V/2A,9V-12V/1.5A
When both 3 port be charged for other devices together,current and voltage a little lower,is normal
Display:is touch display,press it,display will on,after aout 20 seconds,display off,but power bank still charge devices
Power button,this power bank without power button,connect with power bank and your devices,it automatically charge
your devices
However,if u find when connect,it not charge devices,then press the display,it will charge again,because power bank has energy
saving setting,if u dont charge devices for some time,it automatically power off
What will u get:power bank,micro usb cable,manual,free carrying bag
Important:there has printing mistake in manual and products bottom,final specification refer to aboved
Notice:Charge current for Huawei P9 support 9V/2A but this power bank cant charge it with 9V/2A,because
P9 not qualcomm ceetified quick charge 3.0 devices,there has many such devices that support 9V/2A but not
qualcomm quick charge 3.0 certified
As this power bank with voltiq,so will charge such phone with other best current within 5V/2.4A(if use usb port)
or within 5V/3A(use type c port)
3.4A USB Charger specification as below
Brand:Ugreen,aliexpress best selling brand
2 usb,1A+2.4A(2.4A port with iq tech)
2 Ports together up to 3.4A
Charger ship without retail package and without any cable
If order charger only from Ugreen official store,at least need 6.9USD(only on special sales can get such
cheap price,at normal time need at least 7.33usd)
Selling point:
A:can charge for 3pcs device together
B:with touch display to know remained power
C:with Voltiq
D:Type c port both can work as input and output
What is Voltiq?
Answer:Voltiq means this charger usb output intelligently detect
charged device and charge them with best current
Why need Voltiq?
Answer:because now different devices with different best charge
Best current for hot models as below:
For iPhone 5,5V/1A
For iPhone 6,5V/1A(but support up to 5V/2A)
For iPad,5V/2.4A
For Samsung and other phone,between 5V/0.5A to 5V/2.1A
And normally when the devices is closed to be fully charged,the charge current
and volt will be changed
If charger without Voltiq tech,when it cant detect what is the
best charge current and volt for the device,may make charging time longer
or even stop charge work,is so bad for users
To tell buyer how to check whether is real 20000mah,please remember see self charge time
If real 20000mah,self charge time must at least more than 10 hours with 2A input,or more than 20 hours
with 1A,if only 20 hours with 1A,or 10 hours with 2A,is fake,less than 20000mah
Why?Because during charge for power bank also has power loss
Self-charge time:power bank power/input power;Power=Current/Voltatage
20000mah power:20A(20000mah)*5V=100W;Self charge power:1A*5V=5W or 2A*5V=10W
100W/10W=10 Hours;100W/5W=20 Hours
But during charging,has power loss,so self charge time for 20000mah power bank at least
more than 20 hours(1A input) or 10 hours(2A input)
Above formula can be used to check whether power bank is real 10000mah or other power
Why there has so much price difference between different power banks or even between
different sellers for same power banks?
See our below explanation:
A:inside battery type is different.
Battery has li-polymer battery and 18650 battery,normally say li-polyer is better,more stable
longer lifetime,small size,high power density
18650 battery is cheaper,but production is bigger,so most cheap power bank with 18650 battery
B:battery grade different.
If all power bank use li-polymer/18650 battery,also has difference,A+ batery and A battery or even
B battery,main difference is the lifetime is not same
A+ lifetime may more than 700-1000 times recycle time,while A may more than 500-700 times
B battery lifetime with much shorter lifetime
C:battery quality different
We often heard that some warehouse is on fire because it has battery products
inside,also,why airline company limit passenger take power bank to the plane?
Because battery quality very important,some cheap power bank battery even without
any protection,is very easy to be on fire,especially when is over charged or in
high temperature,so one price one quality,always remember
D:power bank power efficiency different:
As we said at the beginning,no power bank deliver all its power to the charged device
because has power loss during charging,this called power efficiency
The main factor that effect the power efficiency is the power bank circuit,quality circuit
can well improve the power efficiency,but such circuit is expensive
E:fake or real power difference
Some cheap power bank said their power is 20000mah/10000mah,but real power is much less
than mentioned power,we find many seller sell real power less than 15000mah but say is
20000mah,buyers can use our mentioned way above to check whether is real or fake 10000mah
F:output current and voltage is different.
Cheaper power bank may say output is 2A or 1A,but real may only half or less than 80% as they
said,quality power bank output is same as they say
As for output voltage,here need know common sense about mobile/tablet battery
Normally,all device battery has current/voltage protection function,this means when battery is
closed to fully charged,the battery automatically reduce the charge current and voltage
to the opposite,when battery is empty,the charge current and voltage is higher
For example,if charge for iPhone,when its power less than 10%,use power bank to charge it may
charge with 5V/1A(max current for iPhone 5 is 1A),but when the power for iPhone 5 about 85%,the
power bank may intelligently charge it with 4.9V/0.5A or less,it can well protect both the phone
and tablet
Cheap power bank may without this function,it always charge with highest current and voltage,is bad
for both power bank and charged device
G:With or without Voltiq tech?
Voltiq means the power bank intelligently know different device best/max charge current and charge
them with best current.
Now there has so many phone/tablet models,as their battery capacity bigger and bigger,they also has
different charge current
For example,max current for iPhone 5 is 5V/1A while max current for iPad is 5V/2.4A
max for most android phone is between 5V/0.5A-5V/2.1A
Cheap power bank may not detect the charged device current,then suddenly stop charge them,buyer can guess
such situation,when u want to charge for your Phone before sleeping,but the second day when u get up but
find your mobile still not be fully charged and power bank even stop charge your phone,how angry u may feel?

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