Qwater Ceramic Filter Faucet Water Purifier Hight Quality Kitchen Faucets Tap Household

Qwater Ceramic Filter Faucet Water Purifier Hight Quality Kitchen Faucets Filter Tap Water Filter Household Water
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Item Specifics

Brand NameQwater
Water treatment machine TypeWater Purifier
TypeCeramic Filter Element
Purifying PositionTerminal Purification
MaterialCeramic Filter Element
FunctionDirect Drink
InstallationCold Water Pipe Installation
Water Yield(Liter/Minute)3.0
Time to marketJun-15
5 Stage FiltrationNo
Water Quality RequirementsMunicipal Water/Well Water
Interface DiameterNone

Product Description

The Water You Drink Should Be Cleaner
We recommend drinking at least 2 liters of water a day. Our body is made up of 60 percent water and that your brain is approximately 75 percent water. Water is so important to us.
But, the tap water you used every day is clean?
Possible contaminants: arsenic, atrazine, lead, mercury, volatile organic compounds, chlorination byproducts and chromium-6, etc.
Potential health problems: cancer, hypertension, stomach discomfort, plus liver, kidney or central nervous system problems and other health conditions or diseases.
So, you need a solution and a faucet water purifier can help you to solve this problem.
Main Features:
- You just need to insert the filter and connect it with tap, simple and convenient
- Filtering superfluous chlorine, heavy metals, making weakly alkaline water and improving water taste
- Improving water quality and protecting the health of you and your families
- Economical and practical, a great household helper
- Materials: filter - ceramic + composite filter material, housing - ABS + metal strainer, connectors - ABS + rubber + metal
- Precision: 0.2 micrometer
- Flow rate: 3L / minute
- Working pressure: 0.1 - 0.35MPa
- Applied temperature: 5 - 45 Deg.C
- Effective filter water amount: about 3 tons
- Changeable flow mode: original water, water purifying
- Comes with 4 connectors: inner thread joint, 22mm outer thread, 24mm outer thread, universal connector
Using Tips:
1. Tear off the protective film and check whether the o-rings of filter are intact
2. Screw off the main housing, insert the filter into the base
3. Tighten the main housing
Please Note:
- For the first time, please remove the protective film on the filter element
- There may outflow black water for the first time and it\'s normal. Wait until the water is clean, rinse it 5 times and you can use it now
- To ensure the service life, the water temperature is best not to exceed 45 degrees, and water pressure should not be greater than 0.35MPa

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