BYCARE high quality abs dental water oral irrigator floss higiene flosser rechargeable

BYCARE High Quality Abs Dental Water Oral Irrigator Floss Higiene Dental Water Flosser Rechargeable
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Item Specifics

Item TypeOral Irrigator
Age GroupAdults
Power SourceRechargeable Battery
Brand NameBYCARE
TypeElectric Oral Irrigator
Commodity Quality CertificationCE

Product Description

BYCARE high-quality abs dental water oral irrigator floss higiene dental water flosser rechargeable
1. Material:PC,ABS
2. Volume:200ML
3. Pressure Range:70-120 psi
4. Frequency:1200 time/min
5. Operation modes: Normal & Soft
6. Voltage used: 110-240V,50/60HZ
7. 5V USB charging port
8. Rechargeable batteries: 1 * 1780mAh batteries
9. Charge time: Approx. 8 hours
10.Color:Blue, purple,white
11.Product Size:55x160 mm
12 .Net weight :258g
13. Accessories:1x main body,5x Nozzles ,1x USB Charge Cable,1x user manual
Safety instructions

* Be sure to remove the plug away before performing any maintenance or not chargering
* Clean the plug periodically so that the dust buildup may trap moisture over time and resulting in short-circuit. the charger is not washable
* Never operate this product if it has a damaged cord or plug, if the cord or plug is warm, or if the plug fits loosely. After charge, please pull out the plug from the power.
* Do not use the charge in the bath or the place where there is water. so may result in electrocution or short-circuit
* Do not direct the water towards the eyes,nose,ears or throat.Failure to do so may result in accidents
* After use, always pour out the remaining water before switch off the device for a few seconds. this help to prevent contamination and bacterial growth in the remaining water
* People who have tooth and gum disease. and are receiving oral treatment, or who experience tooth gum pain may not be able to use this device and should consult a dentist before use.
* Do not modify, disassemble or repair the product at any time doing so may result in fire, elecrocution if the products operation is abnormal


1.Please put this product on the height which children failed to take, strictly forbid parents let children use this product by themselves.
2.Don\'t use by infant, intellectually disabled person, the dull person and who do not perate by themslves
Please put the tip and other accessories in the place which is away from the children, these small accessories may be swallowed by children and got stuck in the throat.