ADAU1701 development board (new version) /ADAU1401/ADAU1702/ADAU1761

ADAU1701 Development Board New Version ADAU1401 ADAU1702 ADAU1761 Development Board
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Product Description

Board integrated ST MCU, can be used to start, control ADAU1701.
Through the development board, users can achieve the basic functions of the audio system (including simple control and display) to achieve and verify the audio processing algorithm DSP.
Because the ADAU1401, ADAU1702 and ADAU1701 pins and functions are fully compatible, the board can also be used as a ADAU1401 or ADAU1702 development board.
Development board size: 88mm*55mm, high 20mm
Peripheral function module
SigmaDSP: ADAU1701
MCU: STM32F100
Power supply: LDO ADP3336 (3.3V) + triode 9012 (1.8V)
Reset: ADM811
E2PROM: 24LC256/24AA256
Passive crystal oscillator: 12.288MHz
1 stereo audio inputs (phi 3.5mm)
2 stereo audio outputs (phi 3.5mm)
A manual reset button, 2 MP input keys
A power indicator LED lamp (red), 2 MP LED lamps
1 dual I2S input interfaces (6pin, 2.54mm)
1 dual I2S output interfaces (6pin, 2.54mm)
USBi interface (10PIN, 2.54mm)
1 potentiometers (0~10KOhm)
1 mini-USB ports (power supply)
Supporting resources
Relevant information (because the courier does not allow to send the CD, it can only be sent through LINK or file):
SigmaStudio3.10 installation file (QQ file download)
Microsoft.Net framework 4 installation files (QQ group file download)
ADAU1701-EVB development board use guide (PDF, QQ offline file)
ADAU1701-EVB schematic (PDF, QQ offline file)
SigmaDSP routine (SigmaStudio project file)
MCU start, control SIGMADSP PDF documents
Basic parts:
3.5mm audio input line
Mini-USB cable (power supply)

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